KBizzle (xgxoxnxuxmxbx) wrote in tattoogrrrls,


I dont have any tattoos but I have a aquestion so i hope you dont mind.. if you do sorry. I really want to get a tattoo and i have wanted to for a long time but there are a few problems. Well first there is my dad but i think i could work him. Then there is the fact that I have zero tolerence for pain. I freaked when I got my ears pierced lol. I know what I want and it is really important to me and I feel like if i dont get it i will feel like shit but thats a story in itself i woult get into that. The thing is that its kind of big and it would be on my sholder blade. Does that hurt there like more so than other places? My friend suggested I get a small one somewhere else first to see if i think it hurts. Any suggestions as to where hurts less? Thanks.
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