alexandra (xkirchartx) wrote in tattoogrrrls,

this could be simple paranoia or it could really be something, but my tattoo is 9 days old and the skin is possibly infected or something. and i'm looking for advice as to what to do. i'll cut to a picture of it at the end of this post. but honestly if anyone is a tattoo artist, know's what this is, know's what i should do about it, anything, any realy advice would be great. i clean it twice daily and put the a&d on it, everything i was advised to do. so i'm just not sure. but yeah, help would be greatly appreciated.
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i don't think it's paranoia.
none of mine have EVER looked like that.
it does look infected.
go back to where you got it.
i went back today and they said that theyre just pimples, its not supposed to happen but it does from time to time, and that i just need to clean the fuck out of it twice a day until its completely healed.
i would get a second opinion from another tattoo shop. that doesnt look healthy.
yeah i did, and its almost completley healed now. thanks though.